Maureen Wambui Gachagua met her untimely death when a reckless prison warden ran over her and dumped her lifeless body miles away from the crime scene. Maureen had attended an overnight party with her boyfriend, Dennis Mburu at the NextGen mallon Mombasa Road and just as she was crossing the road, a red car at a very high speed hit her.

“We exited the mall at around 4:00AM Sunday. We managed to cross a trench outside the mall but Maureen insisted on using the main path. I waited for her so that we would cross the road and as she stepped on the tarmac I decided to follow her but before I could make any step myself, I saw a red car at very high speed hit her,’’ Dennis Explained.

Dennis who witnessed the hit saw his girlfriend’s body fly and land on the roof of the car and on hoping that her body would drop so that he could take her to the hospital, the car was far off. Dennis decided to look for her by the road but on not finding her he decided to request for a taxi to help find his girlfriend. It is here that Dennis decided to carry on his search in the hospitals and a friend contacted him to search at Mariakani hospital.

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As it turns out the prison warden was drunk and had tried to conceal the evidence as he had reported at the Lang’ata police station that he had hit a cow along Mombasa Road. However, when Maureen’s body was found, the car’s number plate was lying beside her and this is what helped the police get to their killer,the prison warden .

Maureen’s family is hoping that justice will be served and the prison warden charged with causing death by dangerous driving and driving under the influence of alcohol.