Let’s admit it, sometimes we want to impress someone then we end up having an epic fall because we turn out showing how the struggle is real. The struggle is real alright… because the cat calls increase simultaneously (love those by the way), down the streets as we walk by. Your friends might not tell you when it’s that time you look like a thot. Here are all the moments you must avoid: Chockers: These matched with an all-black, almost gothic outfit, looks wicked. What you don’t know is that guys are already imagining how you are into chocking and all kind of kinky ruthless behavior.

Fishnets: No matter how much you wear these under a trench coat in heels, you are not sexy. You are simply a walking thot.Get yourself some decent stockings.

Lady gaga typa heels: They say the higher the heels, the looser she feels! Get your inches right.

Thigh high boots: They do not give you more coverage than opaque tights with a mini skirt. Thigh-high boots are actually more unforgiving since you’re wearing something more unstructured, which gives you long lean with the naked feeling.

Nose ring: This is exceptional for those who wear these kinds of piercings for cultural or religious reasons. These piercings are the mark of the whore, which is why in more traditional countries like the Philippines, only whores have them.

Tongue ring: These are more of a slut calling card than a nose piercing.

Tramps stamp: The “Tramp Stamp” a derogatory name for a tattoo which a woman has on her lower back. These tattoos where commonly popular among women born in the 70’s and 80’s. A women baring this type of tattoo was commonly labeled as tramps, whores, or anything else dealing with being promiscuous behavior. Enough said.

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Bra-less moments: So why would you go out showing off to everyone your female parts sticking out? Oh, I know! Because you are thot.


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    Any other moments that you think reflect the thot in someone? Let us know below.