Home Alone? Tips on Surviving the Coronavirus Lockdown

Corona Outbreak has forced many people to remain indoors amidst its spread. For some people working at home is now the newest way of going through their daily endeavors. Could this be you?

Here are some tips on how you can work and stay calm at home

  • In case your employer allows you to work from home, treat the work normally as you would have whenever you are at the office or field.
  • For students who are at home, you can make Netflix your friend this time to avoid loitering in the estates.
  • For those who carried books and assignments back home, you can create time for doing and accomplishing them on time.
  • Get updated through your mobile phones or laptops or even television on the ongoing activities. Don’t be naive on the current happenings.
  • Keep yourself safe by observing hygienic measures at the expense of your home or even within your homestead.
  • Avoid feeling isolated. Be active even at home.Don’t spend all of your time sleeping.
  • Manage your media diet especially this time and identify news from trusted sources

If you don’t have a home office, do as much as you can to create an ad hoc, bespoke space exclusively for work. “Not having a well-equipped home office space when [people] begin remote working can cause a temporary decrease in productivity,” Sutton explains. She says double monitors and a wireless keyboard and mouse make her more productive at home.

What you need to do ?

Stick to a routine

Your usual commute and schedule might be uprooted, especially if you’re working from home, but following a new routine can be very calming, “especially when it feels as though a lot of things are changing around you, or that a lot of things are altering quickly,” Morganstein says.

For example, set a schedule for yourself if you’re telecommuting that allows you to take proper breaks for meals and get enough sleep. It’s also important to continue to exercise and eat healthy foods, he says. (Avoid caffeine and alcohol, which can increase your anxiety.) If you usually relax on the weekend with books or movies, continue to do that in this new normal, Bhatia says.

Look out for others

It might feel like your life is out of control right now, so it’s important to focus your mind and efforts on the things that are within your control, such as cleaning your hands, avoiding close contact and keeping loved ones safe, Rego says.

To that end, looking out for your neighbors, family, friends and coworkers can also provide some relief. “When we’re supporting others it gives us a sense of purpose,” Morganstein says.

It’s a reminder that we’re all in this together, and there are people who support you during difficult times, he says. Also do what you can to stay connected, because the pandemic can be incredibly isolating, Bhatia says.

Give mindfulness a try

Not knowing what the future holds is one of the main reasons why people feel anxious about COVID-19, Bhatia says, so focus on the present. A great way to do that is to use meditation or other mindfulness exercises, which encourage you to notice what’s happening with your feelings in the moment in a nonjudgmental way, she says.

Your instinct might be to seek out ways to distract yourself or escape your anxiety, but that won’t make you feel better in the long run, she says.

Find other things to talk about

“In anxious times such as this, utilizing your support network can be very helpful, just be sure that you reach out to people who will give you support as opposed to amplify your stress,” Rego says. Keep in touch with your friends, and talk about other topics (like pop culture) so you’re not just exchanging and amplifying each other’s worries, Morganstein says.

If you find that your anxiety is interfering with your work, school or interpersonal relationships, you should consider reaching out to a mental health professional, like a therapist or psychologist, Bhatia says. And if you’re already in treatment for an anxiety disorder, you should continue to treatments amid the pandemic.

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