1. Drink lots of fluids. Take water, fruit drink, soup, warm milk etc

2. Avoid intake of cola, caffeine and alcohol

3. Inhale steam

4. Blow your nose often. Do not sniff the mucus back into your nostrils. Blowing your nose is one way of eliminating the causative organism.

5. Use saline nasal spray to irrigate the nostrils. You can use salt water. While holding one nostril closed, gently squirt the solution into the other one. Wait a few seconds and allow it to drain.

6. Rest. This helps the body to direct its energy to immune battle.

7. Gargle with warm, salty water.

8. Take Vitamin C. It increases the production of WBC’s.

9. Eat pepper, gargle with pepper in water or inhale steam with pepper.

10. Other foods known to speed up recovery are honey, garlic, ginger and cinammon.

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