w179455_16473_daystar-university_daystars-athi-river-campus-bcc-buildingYou may wonder how on earth university students have their tight games on and yet they still have massive work waiting for them to be completed and submitted, ranging from projects, personal assignments and group assignment. Hahahah, I know how daystar students hack all this. Daystar is a University with a difference, those are the exact words one would see when you get to the school main gate and also when you visit the Daystar website. Recess! Recess! Recess! This makes a difference. Every long semester at Daystar University has some day set aside for fun and more fun in honor of recess.

2013 August semester was no ordinary semester since students always long for that time when they would be away from school and for a moment forget that you’re a student and embrace the short reality of being a tourist at a given destination. This chance presents itself twice every academic year and its worth all the hustle that comes with it. The tour destination presented this semester included: Mombasa, Naivasha, Eldoret, Tanzania and many other.

Let us recap in a nutshell on what went down in the famous Kenyan Coast. One team visited the Rift hotel which is at the North Coast. Having paid eleven thousand Kenyan shillings each, they had their lunch, dinner, bed and breakfast catered for, and a period of three nights four days. Different kinds of foods were splashed before their eyes and also having a chance to swim in their own private beach secluded from the noisy busy and the famous pirates beach. The different fun activities the students engaged in included, night day outs, beach parties and the obvious thing everyone does when at the coast; swim, swim and swim. Mombasa is one of the best and coveted destinations one would want to be at and the bright students at Daystar University made this gate away a reality at only eleven thousand shillings. An experience never to forget, they were ninety students who went to Rift hotel and not mentioning other students who visited different places in the same town and in numerous numbers.

Fisherman’s camp in the Naivasha town located at the heart of the Rift valley is another prestigious place made available to daystar students. The Daystar Christian fellowship planned for this trip at only three thousand, five hundred shillings. Who wouldn’t try such a fair deal, the activities at the camp site included, mountain biking, fishing trips, rock climbing, bird watching and rafting. The level of bonding and interaction that was in existed cannot be traded by anything. Recess is a must go. Not forgetting the international students association Daystar University (ISADU) and their Arusha recess plan. Students got to be in Tanzania that is across the border by paying ten thousands Kenya shillings only for three nights and four days. It’s amazing and interesting what an opportunity given by the institution can bring to students.

Recess is a short break given to students after a long battle with the hectic semester. The emptiness and the silence at Daystar compound tells you of how seriously people long for such moments. It’s not that we hate books and learning but it is because of the love of books that is why we get away to gain energy to come and handle those books seriously.

Daystar students adore recess.