Saturday 6th August saw University of Nairobi campuses go head to head at basketball. The event was sponsored by Coca-Cola and The Mamlaka Hill Chapel. Practice like you’ve never won.

Play like you’ve never lost

– Michael Jordan.

This was what was all about last Saturday at the University of Nairobi BasketBall court.

It was organized by SALT (Serving A Living Transformer) it is the Mamlaka Hill Chapel’s outreach to the University of Nairobi students. The fellowship meets on Thursday from 7.00 pm – 9.30pm. The tournament was a tactic employed by the church to spread the word of God. The MC was engaging and interesting. He made sure to capture everyone’s attention through a lively flash mob.

Basketball Tournament Breakdown 

The tournament saw eight teams, across four campuses: Main campus, ADD campus, Chiromo campus and Upper Kabete Campuses. Main Campus being that it houses many courses, had alone three teams (School of Journalism, Bachelor of Economics and School of Economics.)


Chiromo campus took home the title of the best team of the day, having beaten all their opponents throughout the tournaments. Upper Kabete came in second. They ball games were on fire, like every time was so good. The semis even more heated. The weather didn’t stop no one, the drizzles and the cold still saw people freeze and shinning. The winners went home with Ksh. 20, 000 courtesy of Coca cola and the Mamlaka Hill Chapel.

The School of Journalism captain had this to say,

“It was a fast pace game, where time was a major concern. It was more of chance than talent. Because there were only two halves of 15 minutes each, as opposed to quarters of 10-15 minutes each. Players felt like they didn’t have enough time to grasp the gist of the game.


However, that was a taste of the sporting activities at the UoN. More inter-campus sporting activities begin this week. Stay tuned to Varcity sports news.