Being mugged, sadly has become such an ordinary thing in our city. Most youth have experienced theft of various kind, Being robbed, conned, pickpockets, name it. Nobody like to lose their hard earned valuables so to help you out, we’ve highlighted some of the risky places in the CBD.

  1. Ambassadeur

This is one place in town I wouldn’t advise you to use your phone at. If it rings, wait till you get somewhere safer to answer, crossover over to Mr. Price’s entrance if you have to. Many people have been mugged and even threatened with a weapon. Maybe the commotion and congestion is the reason why t happens rampantly here.






  1. Alleys

Any alley in town, uptown or downtown, just do not use an alley by yourself especially at night, you could be robbed or worse and if you have to, run like your life depends on it.

  1. Afya Centre

This is another place in town with so much going on, from a bus terminal neighboring it to a market, everything takes place here. Thugs or all kind habitat this place too from robbers to pickpockets. Walk with your backpack adjacent to your stomach if you have to because they open bags and get empty them as you try to wade through the commotion. Others even cut your bag only for you to notice later that it feels lighter than before!









  1. Luthuli Avenue

This is another very hectic place within the CBD with so many businesses taking place. Just beware of thieves. Pay no mind to the countless people who will be hawking phones in your face. Try not to use your phone in this street either unless you are inside a building.







5. Matatus

This has become the most common spot for thievery from people being fooled into looking for seat belts then getting stolen from in the process to hijackings to phones and now laptop bags being snatched from windows even as the vehicle moves. Try to have you eyes open always when you are in a jav.






So next time your stepping out, stay safe!