A Hotel Room Costs Less Than a Lawyer Does.


Sometimes couples want to spice up their sex lives by trying a new spot at home — the kitchen, the shower, the roof— but they should probably keep it limited to a home that’s actually, you know,theirs . Privacy is paramount.

Last Saturday night,the  police in Bradenton, Florida, arrested two 18-year-olds, Allison Riddle and Evan Jones, for allegedly breaking into a house by entering the security code, which a (probably now jobless) friend who mows the owner’s lawn gave them. A neighbour reportedly saw them and called police, knowing the owner was elsewhere.

A cop showed up, searched the house and (“my firearm drawn”) found the bedroom door closed. He ordered the teens “to come out with their hands up,” and the “male offender” allegedly yelled, “All right, we are coming out!” Police say the couple admitted“they were not supposed to be inside of the residence,” but insisted they weren’t thieves looking to steal anything, they just wanted to have sex in the homeowner’s bedroom,-as if it is not only a crime but also all levels of disgusting – for whatever reason.According to the police report, the teens’ story appears to hold up — no possessions were missing. They have been releasedfrom rom custody, but face burglary charges.

Next time get a room,you two…your own room!!

By Vix