Hoverboards are cool, new and trendy. They seem to be the must-have accessory for every celebrity and cool kids. But the trend might be dying pretty quickly after officials in both the US and UK have warned that the futuristic form of transportation could cause severe injury and even death to those who use them. Why… Because they’re blowing up!

Both the National Association of State Fire Marshals and the UK’s National Trading Standards have issued strong warnings to stay away… H. Butch Browning Jr. the Chief of the Fire Marshall’s associations says.

“The sheer number of incidents occurring around the country, and abroad, is what prompted our organization to address this serious issue on a national level,”

Since October the organisation has seized more than 17,000 hoverboards which had an increased risk of “overheating, exploding or catching fire” because of faulty plugs. He continued,

“Consumers should not let a new fashion or craze cloud their judgment and remain vigilant at all times, to avoid taking home an unsafe product,”

What do you think? Will this stop you from using Hoverboards in the future?

Courtesy of realcoolvideos.com.