Being in campus can be a bit tough especially when your broke. You think of a million things to do to hustle your way. Since my school, Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) opened, my parents would send me on my way to school. Money for shopping, pocket money and miscellaneous expenses {booze, nyama and going dancing }. As soon as the term starts together with your school mates are all ballin’. That lipstick must be new, the halls are filled with compliments from the head to feet. My roommate and I decide to buy chicken from the South C Chicken Inn. As we place our order, a  young man offers to pay for our pizza. Is this really happening?? he’s average height, light skinned with a clean shaven head. He hands us his email address and says he has a job we can do and that we should contact him. We talked for a little more then said goodbye. went back to our hostels talked about it but we dint give much thought to it.  Fast forward three years later and I am a working lady. I receive a message and it says

“There Is a job opportunity, anyone interested should please send their CV to one”

Wait a minute that email sounds familiar, so out of curiosity I send my CV to the email address to see what kind of job was being offered. He replies immediately. The mail reads;

 Dear Janet,

Thank you for writing to me about the job I advertised. I have just read your CV and I am happy to inform you that I have selected you to join our team. However, we have finished recruiting the people we needed for Nairobi. We are now in the process of recruiting those who will work with us in Mombasa and Nakuru for a month. The terms and conditions are the same as those who will work in Nairobi, but the Nakuru and Mombasa group will be provided with transportation and accommodation in hostels.

But let me first introduce myself. My name is Peter Irungu Thatiah, the director and founder of Rizzan Media. We do media consulting, publishing and we also recently registered our own TV station that is going to start broadcasting soon. I am the writer of Hard Tackle: The Life of Uhuru Kenyatta, which is the new biography of Uhuru Kenyatta. I am sure you have heard about the book on TV or read about it in the newspapers.

I needed people to employ for one month in the book promotions. Actually, we need 250 people to accompany our extensive road shows and convoys as we publicize the book in Nakuru and Mombasa and their environs.

Although we have our own programmes as a company, we have also received sufficient funding from our sponsors (the book was commissioned) to carry out a massive exercise of publicizing the book. This is a political book, so the book is politically funded by the sponsor. Our convoys will be the same that were used during the 2013 elections. But even though our book speaks about politics and the funding is political, we will not be involved in active political work.

We will be going round the targeted areas with convoys, to give out fliers and other promotional materials about the book on Uhuru Kenyatta. There will also be musical troops accompanying us. There will be five teams in total, each consisting of 50 members. T-shirts, caps and other promotional materials will be provided. Also, we will all meet a few days before the promotions commences so that everything can be explained to you in detail. You will also sign a contract form.

The work will be from 8am to 5.30pm, and we will pay salaries weekly, calculated at 1,500 shillings per day. We will do these road shows for 30 days, starting on 6/5/2015, according to the contract. After that most people will leave, but a few will remain to start work in our new office on Mombasa Road. My own office is located at Mombasa Road but you will be attached to our town office.

As a requirement, you are required to acquire the book, Uhuru Kenyatta’s Bio, ‘Hard Tackle’, so that you familiarize yourself with what you will be promoting. Only those people who will have acquired the book will be considered. The book will cost 1800 shillings in the bookshops.

Go to our town office and acquire your promotional copy of the book Uhuru Kenyatta’s Bio, ‘Hard Tackle’  for just 299/- and familiarize yourself with it. In fact, that will be like giving you for free. It is just like the fare you use to come to town. We must also clarify that we are not asking you to buy the book. The book costs much more than 299/-. We are doing this because very many people have come to us to collect free books then disappear. We hope that only the serious candidates will remain with us.

Our town sales office is located on Hamilton House, First Floor, Door Number 6. Hamilton House is on Webera Street, near City Hall, opposite Trattoria Hotel. I repeat again. ONLY those who will have familiarized themselves with the book will be considered for our promotion work.

If you agree to these terms, come and collect your book before 10th of this month. If you shall not show up by then, unless otherwise communicated to us, I will automatically give this chance to someone else. I have sent this email to 400 people, even though we need only 250. This is because when we were recruiting for Nairobi I noted some applicants don’t open their emails regularly. I will only take the first 250 people who will make a commitment of filling the job contract document. Those who will come afterwards will be dismissed – note again, we will only consider the first 250 people to collect the contract document. So make sure to collect your book and the job contract document as soon as you get this email. The office is open full time during normal working hours and I have directed Clive is serving only the first 250 applicants. If you are not in Nairobi, kindly text me telling me so and I will send you a PDF copy of the book and also the job contract documents which you can download and fill.

May I also let you know that you are receiving this email because we have selected you to work with us.  Kindly follow instructions given so that we move smoothly. Also, if you can’t work in Mombasa or Nakuru please let me know because there are a few people who were taken in the Nairobi group who wanted to be substituted. So you can swap positions. If you have further questions, you are free to ask.

Note that we have limited time. It took us some time to reply because we are sorting a pile of more than 5,000 emails so that we can narrow them to the 250 people that we need.   Also, please note that we have given many promotional copies to newspaper vendors around Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and Nakuru. So you don’t have to get a copy from us. You can get one from them, and then come with it because we will need proof that you have it when you come because we will give you a detailed job contract document to sign. If you don’t find the ones with vendors, please some for a copy at our office as you pick the job contract documents.

If you have any queries, you can call me on 0722 429 509. This is my personal number. I spend many days in our studios on Mombasa Road, so kindly text if I don’t pick your call. I am looking forward to working with you.

Much regards,


I read the email, even sent it to some of my friends, was this really true, and how comes I haven’t heard much about him. I Google him and I find an article about him in the Nairobian  January the 16th 2015. So he truly wrote a biography on Uhuru Kenyatta and other books he must be legit. I will go to their town office and find out but first I will call him, so I do immediately and he assures me it’s legit and that I will find him in his office on Tuesday as I go buy the book and familiarize myself with it.

On Tuesday morning am in his office I see more than 20 people inside. One by one they go in then its my turn. A young voice asks me to come in asks me for the three hundred. I am taken aback by the state of the office. It is untidy and disorganized. He informs me they have had to move somethings to allow people to access the office for the book collection. Then they inform me that there is no interview as my CV shows that I am fully qualified for the job.

“Take a contract home with you read it, signs it and drop it in our offices on Monday”

I eagerly agree take the contract and leave. I talk to my parents about it, my dad insists that deal is way too good to be true, he has to be a con but all I can think about is that money. On Monday I drop the signed contract and meet other people there all looking excited. Mr Thatiah is not in his office again but I tell myself he must be a busy man running his media organization. The young man tells us we will be contacted by end of the following week on what to bring on the departure day which was to be in two weeks’ time.

A week is almost done its Thursday and no word from them. I call Mr. Thatiahs personal phone he tells me to be patient I will be called by the end of the day. I decide to go look for him in his town office and to my shock its empty everything has been cleaned up and a letter posted at the door,

“Sorry for any inconvenience but Rizzan Media has moved back to our main office on Mombasa road”

I try going through my mail again to find out the location of their other office, just to realize there was no mention of its location in the mail. Shock gripped me. I try calling his phone again, this time round he does not pick up, and he does not pick up for another one week before his phone goes completely Mteja. I’m too embarrassed to tell my parents and friends anyone around me what just happened.

Hungry, desperate, disappointed it was all hoax, a con to dupe desperate Kenyans for a sum of 300ksh each and make himself a mega millionaire in a span of one month. Statements were written, a report was filed, but that was the end of it. The police advised the mass to come up with a lawyer and go to court. Remember, this are the same Kenyans who were desperately looking for a job, how will they afford to pay a lawyer? Questions were asked but that was it. Peter Thatiah, which is not his real name, is a happy man still enjoying his ”hard earned cash” while the youth out there are still crying for his blood.

Take care if a deal that is too good to be true.