How Different Are This Year’s National Exams Being Conducted

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(Last Updated On: November 24, 2016)

It would seem improper not to hear reports of exam leakages centers across the country. But this year, the primary schools examinations are being conducted very differently to what Kenyans were used to.

Very stringent measures have been put in place while roles of personnel who used to handle them have been counter changed.

No Exam Supervisors

One major change is the removal of exam supervisors whom their role has been tasked to the head teachers and principals. The school heads are now to act as the managers of their centers. They pick the exams and return the answers scripts to their respective sub county headquarters for storage. This could be of help as it was suspected that some head teachers were having hands in the irregularities and therefore it would be easy to hold each of them responsible.

Exams Stored in Containers

The examination materials are now stored in 346 containers across the country which are heavily guarded at sub county headquarters. The keys to these containers are kept by only two people: The deputy county commissioner and the sub county director of education. These two county individuals only open the containers in the morning for collection and during the evening for packing under the watchful eyes of the police and examination officials.

KNUT Reactions

Despite these, the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) opposed the move but the ministry of education pushed through to implement the changes.

Among the people who were very keen to follow up the implementations was the cabinet secretary of education, Dr. Fred Matiangi speaking at Emuhaya sub county offices while inspecting activities:

“We are trying a new system of administering these exams and we want to be sure it works… we want to avoid what has happened in the past that has caused anxiety to our children, caused anxiety to parents and caused concern to the government,”

The examination materials were used to be stored in police armories across the country but are now stored in guarded containers. This means that the police could previously be manipulated easily to release the exam content to anybody in need.

Among the changes also is that KCPE exams used to come after the KCSE has started but now it is the opposite.

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