Have you ever found yourself in a misfortune? Well, there are those moments when people are low in life. Some face devastating moments that requires time to recover. In those moments , there are those who triumph and come out heroic.

Young Mbugua Story

For James Mbugua, a young school going chid found himself in a devastating moment. When one grows up, there are those things you tend to revere. He was chased out of a Birthday Party when he was 5 years back then.

In a local dialect Mbugua, exclaimed about the birthday. Teresiah Wangui recalled of how her grandchild felt after being chased from a birthday. A video that ascended the media waves of how the 12 year old recalled of his past experiences.

After the video went viral, well wishers came to his rescue.  Apart from fulfilling Mbugua’s dream with a birthday cake, they bought him school paraphernalia. This was a turn back for Mbugua. “Mathwiti, Makeki ” as many would call him has now landed a scholarship if the post by EBRU presenter Chipukeezy  on Instagram is something to go by.

Mama Serikali escapades

Year in year out, Jane Anyango Adika aka ‘Mama Serikali’ has been a recurring eye witness reporter every time River Nyando bursts its banks. As a result, she has become a popular public figure whose cry for government’s help has often gone unanswered.

The famous lady known by her famous phrase, ” Serikali Saidia Jamaneni” was also appointed the floods Ambassador in the region. She later became a TV Brand Ambassador for Safaricom, a post that has uplifted the living standard of the mother of five.

Her expressions on what happened to her during that time made her a laugh in front of netizens but landed her a job. She is  another story that has turned out to be a breaking for.

Githeri Man Mixed Fortunes

As Kenyans queued to vote in the last general elections, there was a man who couldn’t hide his hunger. The elections are marred with long queues and one can overstay.  Martin Kamotho overwhelmed the netizens with a comic relief during the intense electioneering.




Githeri Man was feted Head of State Commendation by President Uhuru Kenyatta. His down-to-earth life changed for a moment as glamour became his lifestyle. He had a mixed fortune after this, but after rehabilitation life is moving for Martin Kamotho.

As other people misfortune turn to be a breaking forth for Kamotho, table did turn a bit.  Life has choices. Whatever choice you choose, you end up living it fully. As misfortunes knock your Monday Blues, note that a breaking forth is coming your way!

You can share your stories of how you did turn from a misfortune into a breaking forth moment. Check out some of the sourced misfortune moments below.