How the Mr and Miss University Kenya 2015 Went Down! (PICS)


The stage was set and the contestants were ready. The Mr and miss University Kenya gala was all set to go down! Despite the cold weather, the show had to go on. The organizers, President of Miss University Kenya, Leakey Odera and Vice President Bryan Cok Asyago were all set for this as they had set up in the Tsavo Ball room in the KICC.

The Miss University has for the last five years raised an excess of Ksh 3,000,000 for various charities aimed at helping disadvantaged children across Africa. This year the pageant included males from different universities, therefore this year was the first MR and Miss University Kenya. This year’s theme was “Education is the Key”, a theme that could be seen throughout the show.

One by one people came in excited for the night that was to be. Dressed to the nines, the occasion was definitely a much anticipated event in the university. Comedian Obinna Ike Igwee was decked in his usual Nigerian attire and accent, filled with many jokes that kept people entertained. Although the event was to begin at 8.00pm it begun around 9.30 with many hitches that saw it go well into the night.

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MC Obinna entertains the audience

The judges were Paul Kibukosya (Ulopa), a music producer, composer and singer. Miss Idah nguma, the winner of the Miss World Kenya 2014-2015 and top ten finalist in miss world 2014. Virginiah Gathura, currently at Chase Bank but she was Miss CUEA 2011/12. Elijah Nyabera a procurement manager, publisher, entrepreneur and a farmer. Lastly, Esther Timanoi Rorat, a 26 year old former model and finalist on Miss University Africa 2010.

The judges took their work seriously
The judges took their work seriously

Garissa takes over costume competition

The African wear category was interesting to note how few of the contestants had African wear. Most wore Indian sari’s, something very different from the African culture.

The overall best talent went to Audrey Awour Otieno who enchanted the audience with her belly dancing that had all the guys glued to her hips.

One also couldn’t help but note the general theme of many of the costumes in the pageant, which were Garissa inspired. Many of the contestants went with this theme which reminded us of the powerful message of security in Kenya.

mr and miss university kenya 2015
Dramatic costume showing Garissa killings

Kenyatta University Students versus the world

The pageant did begin late and had many hitches, however, all that was to happen did. However, as time went on, the rivalry between various universities was plain to see. The loud chants from Kenyatta University students who screamed at Obinna to let their contestants, number 22 and number 1 win. Also  Masai Mara University and Masinde Muliro University were not being left behind as they screamed anytime their contestants were on stage. The competition and tension in the air was stiff!

KU students attract Obinna's attention
KU students attract Obinna’s attention

As time went on, it was clear to see who was in which university, however, they were all brought together by the music. Students danced in the arena keeping it warm and lively, one couldn’t have even known the freezing temperatures that were outside.

The winner is…

However in the end, Miss USIU, Irene Jima Ajogobor, a 4th year  IBA major and David Julius, Mr. Daystar, a 3rd year Electronic Media student won the prizes.  They were awarded Sh 50,000, a smartphone from Fly Mobile and a trip to Mombasa. They will also have the great opportunity of going to represent Kenya in the Miss University Africa Pageant.

mr and miss university 2015 winners
David Julius and Irene Jima sit on their throne

Your say

Speaking to various students, they had this to say;

“I believe USIU had the competition in the bag the whole time. Irene had great costumes and she really commanded the stage’ –  Aida from USIU said

“Hii compe iko rigged! It is as though they knew she would win the whole time. How can a Nigerian represent Kenya? It doesn’t make sense.” – Alecki from KU added

“ I think David was a great pick! Daystar!!!!” – Edna from Daystar said.

Here are all the pictures from the event;