You’ve probably done a couple of CAT’s, exams and a few presentations during this semester. These are signs that the final exam that occupies the higher percentage in the final exam is around the corner. Staying on course is therefore essential.

Here are some the tips I have gathered up for your perusal:

  1. Take charge

I know I know…self-drive is not really a trait that we young people have. Sometimes we just want to chill and have some fun or just lay low. However, there are no parents or teachers to push you around anymore like high school, hence why good grades come when you take control of your situation.

2. Cinderella lesson

If it is passed 12, it is time to go home! Do not be out there so late having neat drinks, getting so quick, dancing all night forgetting that even jack needs to work; not just all play.

3. Plan it out

There’s no way those A’s are gonna come in if you don’t have a timetable. This might sound like one of those high school teachers speaking to you; but these old methods actually work. Set a reminder on your phone if you must. Know what is to be studied at what time.

4. Get your ass to class

Whoever said skipping class is cool? Each class has about 3 percent of the content brought in exams. Miss seven, and that’s 20 percent. Make sense now?

5. Wikipedia is not your friend

Guess what? Scholarly materials have more content than Wikipedia and Google . Make sure to make proper use of books for your research papers.

6. Get that ‘hook up’ with the lecturer

Relax, it’s not what you think. A one on one with your professor earns you personal understanding of how you go about getting those good grades like the winner you are.



So, chorea life yako poa.. follow these tips and you will achieve all you wan from campus and more.