How to avoid being trapped in relationships leading to death

Love is one thing that many say runs the world. To love and be loved is what many desire. The outcome of love recently has been overwhelming.  What love is leading many couples to has turned out to be very nuisance. The recent story that has been on our tv screen is of Cohen and Wairimu.

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Cohen and Sarah during happier times

Imagine someone, you knew for a while you wake up one morning, he or she is ready to do an ill to you. How would you feel? The death cases that have been rampant in the country, majority are as a result of love gone sour.


The act of murder among loved ones is becoming a norm in the society. We’ve got people who are walking confidently knowing very well they are untouchable and they committed murder. This is the reality of the world we are living in.

Here are some of the tips of how to avoid being in brutal relationships likely to lead to death.

  1. If you are in a relationship that is full of violence, you are likely to be trapped in the graven world and the only way to save yourself is by moving out. You can’t have patience and your life is at stake. After all we only live once.
  2. When you are beginning to date , it is advisable to look at the previous relationships your new found love was in. Some people think it is stalking a new found love. If you want to be safe, you’ve got to analyze this fact.
  3. Share your experiences with people who have gone ahead of you. They might have super explanations on why certain things are happening. Their advises might help you save a life if not yours.
  4. Be loyal to your family members. Some of us after we move on with our new found love, we are busy and we don’t want to speak our challenges to our family members. Some people fear what people will say about them.
  5. Accept you have  a problem and you need help. Most people who are wounded don’t want to accept they can be in that situation. The only time you hear of their issues is when it has become unpreventable. Accept and embrace all challenges to be assisted.

  1. As you moved in, remember you can move out. You are not tied down with someone forever. Some are for until death do you part but unfortunately you may even the joy of the day. Try to understand apart from being there, there are people who also need you.
  2. Avoid fighting with people you find your love with. You could be busy fighting for a man or a woman who is not bothered at your safety. Make your own safety a priority.
  3. Cry it out and move on. If you have to cry for a wasted time,opportunity just do it and let healing process take over you. You will definitely heal with time.

If love has gone sour, there are no lemons to squeeze lemonades from, try to heal and save your life from any pits that are likely to be stretching towards you.

What are your views on the tips?

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