Well, it’s an emerging trend that we have to accept. Girls don’t want to work or they just can’t find jobs nowadays. All they find is work that requires 5 years’ experience! Even a few campus boys want to feed on MILF’s without getting to be called daddy or uncle by the older women’s kids. Sponsors are in high demand but they have to act right and meet the correct requirements.

Here are some of the ways to know that you’re a fit sponsor.

You have to have money.

If it is lots of money, you’re target audience to approach will be the likes of the spoilt brats who’ve probably grown up in leafy suburbs and can behave well when taken to Dusitd2 without embarrassing the classy you. The other kawa girls don’t need much; just frequent Mpesa messages.

You have to look younger than you really are

There is an itch that is so annoying when the dates happen. It is actually embarrassing for the person you’re sponsoring to be seen in the public eye with you if you do not have good ageing genes. Get the latest fashion and accessories.

Be patient

Your prey will finally give in so do not pester. They need the money that you are teasing them around with. So keep calm, she will finally say yes as much as it will seem that she/he taking you for a ride.

Don’t be annoying

Do not be too affectionate or too lustful about the ‘relationship.’ Also, do not talk too much about your family; if you have any. Nobody wants to see pics of your kids and family.

Inspiration is important

You’re definitely older and now your position will be like that of a mentor. Build him/her in their career or simply. …teach them how to fish. It is not every day that you will give them fish. If your money allows you, invest in a business for them.

Caution is paramount

If youre agreed relationship becomes sexual, use protection. You want a symbiotic cycle that will destruct neither of the parties.

Any other pointers you would like to tell safe sponsor wanna-be’s? Tell us below.