How To Cheat Your Way Through Your Relationship

If you are the cheating type, I hate to do this, but you need a plan. You need to have a fighting chance. This is the 411 of what you need to know. This may apply to both men and women.

Keep it to yourself

Be careful who you tell about your ‘mpango wa kando’ because someone will tell on you. There are two types of friends:

  • The one who always wants to bang your girl/boy
  • The one who claims to be a good and honest person.


Really, keep it on the DL

Keep it on the down low means what it means. Walking around in town and you spot someone who knows his girlfriend, and it ant you, orrrr.. her boyfriend and of course, it’s not you. It’s a small world.

Protect yourself

She or he is having sex with someone who is having sex with someone else, who is seeing someone else. Chances of contracting diseases are high. Use protection.

Lock your phone

Make sure to use the most complex passwords on your phone. This will keep any curious eyes from your phone.


Be creative

When cheating, you must make sure to always be different and unique. Do not go to the same spots, change it up.


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