How to cope with depression as a University student

This year has definitely been overwhelming for all of us Kenyans. So many people have committed suicide this includes, adults, teenagers, and children. Almost every day there’s a suicidal story which has raised a lot of concern in the country. A lot of them are normally university students.

Signs of the common signs of depression are normally, mood swings, feeling sad, insomnia or excessive sleepiness, irritability, weight loss or weight gain, poor appetite, and feeling suicidal among others. University life is not a joke; many people become a suicidal cause of so many things. Either its financial difficulties, family issues, love gone sour, moving away from parents, discrimination among others.

These are some of the things you can do to cope with depression

Avoid misuse of drugs and alcohol

A lot of students who are depressed often go for the option of using drugs. They do this in order to escape their problems or forget about their problems for a while. This is not a good option, especially for depressed students. Alcohol and substance abuse worsens depression. This is the reason why depressed people are advised against drug abuse. If you feel that you can’t control this, seek help before you find yourself trying to commit suicide.

Seek Therapy

Nobody should ever suffer from depression alone. Look for a therapist in any health facility that you trust. Tell them all your problems and you can arrange sessions occasionally on when to meet.

Explore medical options

You can talk to your therapist about this and look for options on how to deal with your depression. There are some medications that are used to treat depression. However, this depends on your depression state, in some severe cases you are put under medication and some cases counseling is enough. It’s best to talk about his with your therapist.

Strengthen your social life

Starting university for others means starting a whole new life where you move away from friends and family to a whole new place and this can be overwhelming. In this case, try to make new friends, avoid isolating yourself from others. Get a study group, join a sports team in the school, and find a club in the school that engages in community service. This way, you can make new friends while also giving back to the community. It’s important to be with friends all the time.


Exercising has been proven by scientists to treat mild or moderate depression. It also helps in reducing stress and anxiety. It may be hard for a depressed university student to start investing in a gym but most universities have been able to provide a gym inside the facility, basketball courts, and swimming pools. Engaging in these activities can help with depression.

Try and do one or two of these activities and you’ll see how it will change your life. Good luck and always talk to someone close to you if you have any suicidal thoughts.





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