Today being a budget day in Kenya we all know that everything these days revolves around money. The cost of living has gone high with a 2kg packet of Unga retailing at 150 ksh. Campus is no different because life is just the same as the normal adult one. You get money mostly from parents and let’s not forget Helb and you have to budget it.

Going broke in campus can mess up everything especially in instances where you are way far from home. We have campuses in Mandera, Pokot and other regions that are far from the capital. You can cut cost in the following four simple steps:

  1. Spend money on important items

Campus is always full of broke students trying to impress each other with stuff they can barely afford. When you go shopping try to buy foodstuffs that are genuine and not snacks. Buy clothes you can afford instead of expensive accessories that you saw in a movie on your tiny laptop!

2. Have a serious meal schedule

This is one of the biggest problems that face campus students. There is no set time for meals and so students eat at their preferred time. Scheduling meals will minimize the number of times you visit the restaurant. Do not be tempted to follow friends anytime they are heading to eat, if you had eaten earlier it doesn’t hurt to say no.

3. Know your budget

It is always wise to calculate the amount of money you use per day. This will make sure you do not stretch your budget. If its 100 bob a day make sure you do not add on it. Maintain that 30 bob breakfast, 30 bob lunch and 40 bob supper!

4. Get advice on how to save

Parents and guardians can help on this. They have had enough experience and might have something up their sleeve to guide you on how to save and cut cost. I have experience and I have tried to give you some pointers too, meaning you could also read articles like this one online!