How to Deal With Pregnancy in Campus

The youngest you can be in campus, is 17 but most students are above 18. This kind of justifies pregnancy while in campus and makes it okay. Statistics show that most young ladies lose their virginity after high school, especially that period of waiting to join campus. Premarital sex comes with so many effects, one being pregnancy. It usually comes with shock and self-realization, because now you have to change your whole life. You immediate plans now have to accommodate the new member in your life.

The greatest challenge young ladies face is stigmatization from society at large. They are labeled as a disgrace and a disappointment. This reaction by society makes them feel hopeless. Some young ladies usually opt for an abortion, the cheap methods and myths. Such as swallowing many pain killers at once. Or drinking a large amount of undiluted juice like quencher. Or tea that has a lot of tea bags. Those brave enough may opt for medical terminal of the pregnancy.

Common Contraception Myths In Campus

Debra* a single mother and campus student got pregnant two weeks after she was accepted into the university. Being young and naïve, she went through social rejection, at times suicidal thoughts would haunt her. She felt the world ended and her dreams shattered. At fourth year, her daughter is now two years old. These are what got her through school and her pregnancy.

  1. A support system.

As much as she thought her mother would beat the baby out of her, grandma was her number one helper. Throughout the hospital visits to the time she delivered. Her parents were at first disappointed, having invested their time and money in educating her to better their life, since they are below average citizens. Friends were an important pillar in her too, from the surprise baby shower to babysitting, sending her notes and assignments.  An expectant woman needs to know and feel she is not alone.

  1. School resources

The university usually comes with medical covers, as long as you make use of the student’s ID.  Sometimes medication and services would be costly, particularly gynecological services at hospitals.

  1. Counseling

From the social rejection, prejudice and discrimination, an expectant young lady should go through counseling. This would help her finally accept fate and deal with it accordingly. Encouragement should be the basis of the counseling. Debra was once depressed, professional psychological guidance helped her through it.

  1. The father of the child.

Informing the father of child may result in mixed reactions. Some may accept to be part of the child’s life. Others may turn out to be dead beat men. Support from father, either financially or emotionally makes the pregnancy way easier.

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  1. Future plans

Accepting what happened and embracing parenthood makes it all easy. Set aims for the future. Graduate from campus, get a decent job and support your child.

Do you know anybody dealing with pregnancy at campus? Tell us your thoughts. 



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