How To Dress For Your Graduation


Aside from your wedding, graduation is one of other big steps that you are going to make in your life. So you better look good. With the passing University of Nairobi Graduation ceremony which came with hits and misses in the dress code area, I thought to give the guys and girls of Maseno University set to graduate on the 11th and Kenyatta University set to graduate on 18th December 2015 a few pointers.

  1. Dress to impress

Guy or girl, there is no way you should end up in pajamas, vests or beach shirts and shorts in front of hundreds of people. Just because you are going to have a gown on for most of the day doesn’t mean you should look like a clown underneath. Also because your family is going to make this day a great photo op, don’t look like a dummy. A suit or nice button up shirt with a well patterned tie is a good idea for the guys. The coat is going to give your gown a better shape. A bright plain or floral dress, short, fitting or free to the knee would be good for the ladies. Not too conservative and classy at the same time.