Hostels may vary, you could have a semi partitioned room, single room or that one big room that houses about six people (first years problems)

The semi partitioned is not that bad, since you have a little freedom and space to play around with. The single room is a plus, you can do anything and everything, to make it your own and homely. The hostel that houses first years like Stella Awinja could be a little tricky on how to furnish it.

But all in all, here are a few things you could do, to make it a home away from home.

Big huge fluffy floor pillows. Leave alone the bed ones. This could be two or three, depending on the size of the room. They not only serve as decorative throw pillows but also furniture. Like your visitors would sit on them. They are comfy and quite relaxing.

Colorful curtains and bedcover. Nothing makes you happy like color. Bright colors have a way of making your day a positive one. You could use sheer curtains, they are light but privacy proof. They could go hand in hand, with drapes for a good finish.

Wallpapers. There are pretty good ones available at House of Leather, that bring out the walls of the room nicely. They are usually stickers that look like paint, they are removable and reusable. With the worn out UoN hostels, they could turn a room into a home.

The choice of a carpet could go hand in hand with the color of the curtains and wallpaper, to neutralize the whole room setting. A smooth fluffy textured carpet would make the room warm. Plastic carpets usually leave footprints or get dirty a bit too fast. Wool is the most expensive of them all, but usually worth it.

Fancy mixed cutlery sets. Nicely finished mug, fancy spoons and plates would make a room homely.

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