You may have caught your girlfriend drooling over Hassan Joho’s inauguration pics earlier this week and you immediately knew that it was the beard that makes her think he’s a handsome man. You may be wondering how to grow a beard as full and neat as his. Here’s some simple tips to achieve a sexy beard that will have ladies drooling over you everywhere you go.

Stop Shaving

When you’re ready to start growing a beard, you’ll have to stop shaving and just allow it to grow out.

Patience is Key

Many people get frustrated having to wait for months for their seeds to bear fruit but you have to be willing to wait. Understand that you cannot pray for a beard at night before tucking yourself into bed and wake up to a hairy face.

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Trim when Needed

As much as you are in a rush to get a nice beard, you have to know that there’s times it may need to be trimmed but not too much otherwise you’ll delay your progress.

Regular Wash

Keep your beard clean. Nothing is more disgusting than an unhygienic man with filthy hairy body areas. Make sure you thoroughly wash your beard as often as you can.

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Don’t Oil it Too Much

Naturally, we Africans don’t have very oily hair so we put a lot of products in our hair. Don’t put too many oily products in your beard as it can cause your skin to deteriorate and helps germs stay put in your beard.


No food or vitamin makes the beard grow faster. However, we do need amino acids or protein in our diet to grow hair.

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Beards are not for Everyone


A lot of men have a hard time understanding this. Once you’ve started trying to develop a beard and it’s refusing to fill out, just give up. Maybe you were just meant to be an adorable baby-faced man, they’re cute too you know.

Follow these simple guidelines and youre beard game will be on fleek just like Joho’s.