Wearing your lips right can do your face a lot of good even when you aren’t wearing any other kind of make-up.  Red, pink, purple and maroon aren’t the only colours you can rock on your lips.

Purple lipstick looks absolutely beautiful on dark skin. You have your true, purples and purples down to your whiteish/dusty-tone lavenders and light purples.

The warmer, richer, lavender-based purples look really great on dark skin tones from caramel to deeper, darker skin.


Lighter women can easily pull off purples that have whiter undertones without looking drab but if you want to go with a lighter purple and you have dark skin, balance it with a matte face and a dark brown to and a natural eye with regular black  liner and a light coat of mascara as to not look to over done if that’s not the look you’re going for.

If your skin is about the tone of say, Kelly Rowland’s, you’d want to watch out for any whiteness in the purple and go deeper with a richer hue that’s plum based so it does not wash you out-essentially making you look tired and exhausted.


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