How To Get Over A One Night Stand


It is a done deal. Shit happened, shit went down. Maybe you have regrets, maybe you have mixed emotions but you have to move forward. A one night stand commonly known to us as ‘kuchipo’ or ‘kuchipoiwa’ is described as random casual sex with either a stranger, a work buddy generally someone you are not in a relationship with.
1. Forgive yourself. Accept that it happened. Don’t be in denial. Make it easy for yourself. Don’t hate yourself, regretting what happened. You decided what do, so now embrace your wild side. Be glad you had a new experience. Quit feeling sorry for yourself, and tick it off your bucket list.
2. Ignore the judgments. Yeah so you did something different, some will call it a sin, being a thot, immoral, but hey everyone sins differently. Let them cast the first stone, if they are as perfect as they say.
3. Focus more on the fun, than the regret. You had a good time? You would do it again? You loved it? If your answer is yes to all of the above, then girl, you have nothing to worry about. Live your life and continue doing you.
4. Don’t get your hopes high. Will he call? Will you probably have a second one night stand? Don’t be there expecting more from him. You guys hooked up, had a good one therefore go separate ways.
5. Don’t get comfy. Don’t be clingy or a pain in the neck. Don’t suggest cuddling or pet names. It was just a casual fling with no strings attached.
6. Don’t stalk him. His social media is a no go zone. Don’t search him anywhere or everywhere, you’ll get to know so much about him that you didn’t need to know. Leave it at that.

Have any of these tricks ever worked for you? Let us know below.