Love is one mysterious subject that has been placed in the world sometimes to torment us to our final deaths. It has broken so many hearts, kept people awake at night and even turned normal people into stalkers. Chris Brown knows this better, Wiz Khalifa still hangs out with Amber Rose and the list goes on and on. These are guys that fell in love and it was deep. The kind of love that makes you lose your head. There is always this feeling when you are falling in love, that sweet feeling yes that is common sense leaving your head!

As a guy it is hard to express feelings and moving on from a relationship can be a hard task. It becomes a problem because you can’t talk to anyone about it. Your dad will think he gave birth to a weak dude when you start talking about your heartbreaks. Your guys will tell you that the girl was ratchet and she deserved it. No one will help you move one, but maybe I can by the power infested into me by Doctor Cupid!

First set yourself a deadline. Every good work has a deadline. The date or time you are supposed to be done with it. Relationships are the same. Set standards and do not waste time. The world is moving at the speed of light and you don’t want to be left behind. 2017 started a couple of weeks ago, and it’s already March! Man up and move on because you do not want to regret later when your friends are talking about honeymoons in Hawaii and you are left talking about Pogba’s dabs.

Clear the house after she leaves. She might have gotten you gifts like shoes, a wrist watch or a Gor Mahia T-shirt. Put all the gifts somewhere else like in a box at the back of the house or under your bed. Burning them could be an option but you do not want to add to the already hot Nairobi weather, yea its like 30 degrees hot!

Get a pet! Yes get another animal that can keep you company. I hate pets but you can get one if you like them. Get a cat, a dog, or a donkey! Just get busy with something else that will make you forget her quick.

You can also write about it. Poetry and love stories are more beautiful when they come from a broken heart. The best love songs are sang by guys who have been left by girls. Chris Brown, Charlie Puth just to name a few, best love songs.

Start something new like seeing your friends more or subscribing for gym sessions. Let your body look good and appreciate yourself more. Wake up in the morning and send yourself a sweet good morning text from your Airtel line to your Safaricom one! It’s the best move to get over her, appreciating yourself.