How To Get That Doh! 5 Hood Hustles


It’s survival for the fittest in today’s treacherous world and if are not smart enough to figure out ways to hustle then it will be a continuous struggle for you. While everyone is making a living through dubious means there are actually super easy ways to hustle in the hood.

Booze Hustle

Nairobi is one of the liveliest cities in the region where people love spirits. So get a wines and spirits shop and start up a business. It is possible to go downtown and buy spitrits in bulk. Then take them to your hood and there you go! As much as this hustle may need sound investment it is not unrealistic. So go for it nigga if you can.

wines and spirits

Clad Hustle

One of the easiest hustles to get you money in the hood is if you get into the clad business. Just start off by going to Eastleigh and get some clothes. The you can sell you your pals who can tell their family members and eventually everyone knows. You move from selling from your bedroom to renting a stall! It doesn’t need tonnes of money to get this kind of hustle on track.

Eastleigh main street
Eastleigh main street

People in the hoods nowadays are into fashion and some of them are too lazy nowadays to go clad shopping, take advantage of that.

Movie Hustle

If you are a computer nerd, then this should be very easy for you. Just get some blank DVD’s or even a flash disk and burn some movies. Everyone loves movies/series.

movie shop

Jewelry Hustle

This one is easy as jewelry is easily portable. You can go downtown ie Dubois and get some affordable jewelry in bulk. Then take it to your hood and sell them for twice the buying price!

kenyan jewelry

Nail Art Hustle

If you are artistic and love to paint, then this hustle is perfect for you. Through word of mouth and FB marketing, you can paint peoples nails for a fee. If you buy the nail polish for Ksh 150 and apply for Ksh 100 and use the polish for up to 20 times, that is some good hustle.

kenyan nail art

So learn a few skills nigga. Don’t just sit there and call yourself a hustler. Some of the most accomplished names in the world were never intellectuals but they had the determination to get to learn. To survive you need skills. To get the hustle right you need to learn some skills.

So stop being choosy like many other guys in the hood who are waiting to land it big while just sitting. Do any legit hustle that will get you money.

Do you do any hustle in your hood? Let us know below.