Money makes the world go round, even in the campus world. This money week, school is back and so are we, this time to give you the 4-1-1 on how to get that mulla clean. Strictly study-related. This will only cost you your brains. Having side hustles is always a good idea for any student. Get some extra money to look and feel good.

Computer programs; Computer guru? This will just require you to find a few peeps who just bought their laptops and need to start off using them. A couple of useful software in like Mozilla, Kaspersky and you score your pocket money.

Projects; This final year one can cost a lot to a student. Get your brains together because the results will pay you a lot. A good project goes to the extent of a student paying you a lot as a desperate measure during their desperate times.

Printing assignments and course outlines; This will add a few coins to your wallet. This will take you a step further when it comes to selling past papers and notes.

Altering results; For the illegal crackers, I do not advice you what I witnessed; but it will pay you well, if you can crack a school’s system just to alter a student’s results.

Sitting in for exam; Another illegal hustle; again not my advice, but sitting for an exam for a ‘busy’ person or one who is chickened out because they cannot handle the pressure pays a lot.