Long Distance relationships have worked for some people although others the latter has tore them apart. There are various tips on how you can make your long distance relationship to work.

Work can separate people who are in love and this may be for quite a long time or for a while. There are those who are also separated due to studies. Whenever one pursues higher learning, you tend to leave your loved ones and move.

A huge percentage of Kenyans working in Middle East and those who have gone for greener pastures abroad might have find themselves in this trap.  Some people might have felt mistrust in this journey.

Tips on handling a  long distance relationship

1.You need to prioritize your schedule well

For those who work within the country, you need to plan well your time so that you have time to visit your beloved. This should be agreed upon by both partners to avoid chaos.

2. Don’t rely purely on technology

We got couples who spend most of their time talking on the internet or on normal calls. This might be common for those who are a bit far. You also need to create time to ensure you visit each other. For those out of the country, you need to plan for vacations where you see your loved ones.

3. Let the relationship be temporary

You need to ensure the long distance relationship doesn’t overstay for long. It should be for a short while as temptations may come a long. Remember there people who can come through and even extend their love towards those far.

4. Learn to trust your partner

For the long distance relationship to work, there must mutual trust that co-exist. You cannot live with mistrust. You’ve got to believe your partner is honest wherever he or she is. This can help the relationship grow positively.

5. Avoid being obnoxious of where your partner is.

This happens basically when you keep on checking up every detail on your partners whereabouts. Some partners becomes detectives and questions every move their partner is up to. This can destroy the relation.

6.Set grounds goals to manage the relationship

Have a clear goal and directions on how you want the relationship to head. This will facilitate everyone to be active in his or her role. This will help in reducing goal blindness.

Share some of your ways you’ve manage your long distance relationship?