How To Have An Epic House Party This Labor Day Weekend.

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House parties are becoming the best and cheapest plots for campus students and especially this approaching long weekend. With the weather as unpredictable as it is, staying indoors with friends and having some drinks is always the best way to have fun. It keeps the partying safe, cheap and you get to black out in your own bed!. So here are a few pointers on how to make your house party EPIC!

#1 Make sure you keep the house possessions hidden.

That is the Ultimate rule. Keep all the valuable things locked away in a safe place. Even if you’ve invited your closes friends you never know. No one can be fully trusted. Keep your phones and money stashed away. The thing with house parties is there always gate crusher and you don’t want to wake up and explain to your parents where there tab is.

#2 Make sure you invite a hyped crowd.

A party isn’t a party without people. Make sure you bring a crowd of people who are social and know how to have a good time. Otherwise it’ll be a get together just without your parents and the last thing you need is your friends thinking you hold boring parties.

hyped crowd

Make sure you have a crowd with these people:

a) The Talker: The one who can’t shut up and is cracking everyone up.

b) The Drunk: You don’t want all your punch to go to waste…haha

c) Hot Chics: No man wants to spend a whole night with ugly mamiis. At least get your friends a hot lot.

d) The Sober guy: In every party you need someone sober who’ll be there to make sure no one gets hurt. Oh and to tell you all the shit that happened.

If your party doesn’t have them. It’s probably gonna suck.

#3 Make sure you get a good sound system and good music.

Music always lightens the mood at a party. Music drowns the awkwardness of people not knowing each other. It even makes people loosen up. A party isn’t a party with music. Have you ever been to an event with a bad sound system?? That’s how bad it’ll be without music. Or even better…it’s like a Friday Central Park meet, BAD!!


#4 Booze, booze and more booze

Alcohol is believed to be the only thing the makes you have fun. As much as the sober may disagree, its quite a saver. If you are wondering how, here are a few questions to help you out.

  • Where do you get the energy to grind that stranger?
  • How come you’re not feeling that baridi for dawn?
  • How did you master the courage to approach that diva who is definitely out of your league?
  • Now you’re getting my drift??

I know buying a bottle can be a bit costly especially since you’re using your food money. You could make it BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) party or just changa money for a bottle. If you’re 5 and you want a Guarana just get 1000/=

#5 As the host, BE SOBER!

That’s not debatable. You’re the host, it’s your party. Your house. If anything gets out of hand it’s probably gonna be your fault!! It’s not worth risking. Stay sober and make sure everything is put or you might just wake up the next morning to find a broken TV screen or a broken glass table…haha… Imagine how you’ll explain that to your mum.

#6 Provide something to snack on.

A hungry man is an angry man. You can’t host people and not give them food. It’s just not in our culture. You don’t have to make it a whole food affair. Just get snacks. Something to keep down the munchies. Get biscuits, crisps, chevda or even ugali and nyama will do. Keep it simple and affordable.
house party snacks

#7 A List of Activities

If you have a party with people who don’t know each other, the best thing to do is play games. You know the likes of Truth or Dare, I’ve Never and Strip Poker. Things that are fun and will bring even the most timid person in the room come out. It’s quite a fun way to know people. If you don’t accept the challenge you do something really crazy!! Like jumping in the pool or stripping.

Now that’ll get things started!!

However you decide to have your house party this labor day weekend, stay safe guys!!



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