You Are A Campus Hood Rat When…


Deep down in all of us, there is an itsi bitsi part of our being that has got that ratchet trait that we always try to camouflage. And then there are those behaviors that we judge publicly and we shake our heads to. Some of which we might not realize but are all so hood rat like. Our friends might not be able to point them out to us because they fear hurting your feelings or, because the two of you are just birds of a feather. I am just going to go ahead and tell it out right in your face. You are a hood rat girl.

Here is some ways to know you are one:

1. American/floral tights

You rock those American or floral much as we love our dear Kenyan born son, the president of the most powerful nation, we do not love the culture that Kenyan chics seem to have borrowed from is not cool to rock American flag tights just because you’ve seen them on a music video. They were just used as props probably, and the directors must have noticed few minutes later that they are the shadiest items ever. The floral? Come on! Do away with not have yourself walking around town looking like a human vase of plastic flowers.

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