How To Land That D!!


So many tips are discarded out there on how to win a girl and getting to bed her; but what so many people don’t know is that some girls actually find it hard to get laid. You might be in that situation as well, unknowingly because that fly boy you always find yourself building castles about is not noticing that booty.

You have to know how to land on that D:

1. Laugh at all his jokes no matter how lame they are

2. Nice tasting gloss. Before he even develops the desire to kiss you, he shall smell some berries coming out of your mouth that he would so desire to bite those lips.


3. Dress to impress.  If you have to accentuate your booty, you should go for G-strings or just lose all the panties so that you can comfortably dondosa while he watches you walk away.


4. Shave wax shave wax shave wax. No guy wants a hairy lady.

5. Invest in a perfume that you will stick to for a long time. Make his never forget how you smell. Make him miss it when he smells other girls.

6. Make your hair. Just make your hair please!

7. Do away with chipped nails. It tells a lot about how you take care of you and your people.


8. Try being funny for once. The dirtier the jokes? Better!


9. Engage in mind blowing conversations that tell how much of a sapiosexual you are.

10. Make sure those whispers you make to him come out with fresh breath. Those chewing gums are like 10 bob.



Any other pointers you have to land that D? Let us know.