Looking hot in July can be a task when you’re covered in layers of coats and scarfs. But worry not; Varcity got you the trendiest style on the block.

Trench coat and  ankle boots

july weather fashion

That coat you like so much because its puffy and big and it will do well this July especially when you put it over a cocktail dress, please don’t. Instead cover up with a chic trench coat.

So as to be edgy with a cool 80’s look, your coats can be waist length leaving your dress to be longer. Throw in a pair of ankle boots with some colored socks to really stand out.

You can get good and affordable trench coats at Ngara for about Ksh1400. they look chic and it looks twice the value. The boots go for about 3500/= and below.

Loop Scarves and fitted jacket:

Mega loop scarves are what’s up people are rocking them to the run way so you better own one. Feel warm by showing out their bulkiness with a fitted jacket and skinny pants.


Leather jacket and belt

Throw heels into the outfit for any outdoor partying when you want to look chic. A leather jacket would give it a more edgy look. Add a belt in and your set to ride. You can get a cool leather jacket at Eastleigh for 1200 and the heels for 1500, more affordable at Gikomba for the puffy scarf at only 30 shillings.


Knee boots close the deal. They elongate your legs for days! Put some skinny pants over it and a fitting jacket and don’t be afraid to throw in a scarf or some mittens.

Or you can ditch the fitting jacket to a long trench coat and leg hugging knee high boots that only go for Ksh3500 in Ngara. A sweater can also do as long as you make sure to accentuate your waist with a fun belt. I prefer gold slim belts goes from Ksh1500 and Ksh250 around town.


Since you don’t feel like you want to put on heels you can change your everyday look to a more relaxed doll shoe that still protects your toes from the cold. Throw in skinny jeans and a nice cardigan and you’re off to party and a drink with college mates at happy hour all glam up for both places.

The cardigan you can get at only 250 shillings and below at Nairobi bus station.


And of cos I cant forget the dress top and the long cardigans matched with tights just make sure the cardigan is a  shrunken boyfriend one because its more flattering. Add a belt if you like and change the look with some chunky heels and your off to the office looking fabulous

Ps. Make sure your tights are not running, you look very untidy walking around in torn tights.

Buy a cute and out of the box marvin. You can buy many with different colours . wollen marvins are the in-thing right now. You can wear them with braids, shaven hair and natural hair. it looks good on every head and stylish. Add a scarf especially on windy days it will make you look put  together with a scarf you it can show your personality.

Dresses/ Skirts

During this cold month you might tend to over look the skirts in your closet, and go for a more covered look but no worries you can still be warm in your skirt throw in a blazer or a cardigan over your skirt and a nice pair of closed up  heels, a structured blazer which is made of cotton  especially a one button closure defines your shoulders and waistline worn with a pencil skirt your good to go.


The cardigans can be found in busstation for only 200 shillings same for the tights,just make sure the colour accentuates the cardigan,you can also go for the more chick cardigan that show plenty of curves and boots  for a more dramatic look

Finally, if it’s the weekend you still want to look good try putting on that thick blanket coat you love so much. Use a metallic belt to define the waist and a pair of skinny jeans or skinny pants. To rock this look, make sure you add nice heels in the mix and a clutch bag and your set for the weekend.

The belt goes from 1500 Kenya shillings to Ksh 250  around town, the gold shoes are 2500 shillings and a nice clutch bag for 1500 shillings don’t miss out on the fun or the trend just because its chilly outside.

Any other cold weather fashion choices you love? Let us know below.