Welcome to yet another segment that will waste your time for the next 5 minutes or so, depending on your fingers ability to scroll up and down that will also depend on your brains capacity to process. Those are some of the steps that will take you through an important stage in your life.

1. Create unnecessary hash tags. For example: #IDFWUBYCSST #IDontReallyCareWhatYouThinkAboutMyPostButYouWillStillDoubleTap


2. Capture people in their weirdest of moments in the background as if to photo bomb. For example, your siblings taking a dump.

3. Make several posts after every minute of same outfit clothes with different poses on the same posts.

4. Take pictures of random things like a window grill, a letter on a book, a knob on a door and let them think that you are queer. Hahaha.

8_20_2015 4_06_12 PM

5.  If you’re a guy make sure any females booty photo bombs in your selfie unknowingly.

6. Tag totally different people on a picture that they are not, in for no reason.


7. Post a piece of every part of your body and collage it. Make sure to tag those people who love collages to show them how it feels like to see their posts.

8. Steal pictures and captions from those daily stalkers of yours to randomly annoy them.


9. Break the social media trend rules. Post your #MCM on a Thursday, your #WCW on a Saturday and however you feel like posting the rest.


10. Make random videos of you singing (in your original pathetic voice) or doing ABSOLUTELY nothing.