How To Slay In Heels


Heels are a tricky piece of accessory for some ladies. They tend to be bothersome and are therefore thrown to the  back of the  closet. This article advice’s on how to wear heel more comfortably,even to class:

  1. Walk differently

That little catwalk is going to help you achieve some balance with your heels. So sway your hips (not too much though) when you rock those heels.


  1. Go for a wider or shorter heel

Forfeit the extra height for comfort if you can. You can still look good in heels that a bit wider or a bit shorter.


  1. Wear gel in soles

These insoles will make sure you are comfy and can easily be switched among shoes. Be sure to change them after 6 months at least because they wear out.


  1. Try them on before you buy them

Knowing your size is a good thing but for some reasons shoe and clothe sizes vary from countries or companies where they are manufactured. You don’t want your foot swimming in your shoe or your toes sticking way out of your peep toes.


  1. Carry band aids (Elastoplast)

Just in case you incur some blisters just make sure you have these on your person. They make things easier with the pain. They are also a quick fix for shoes that cover the back of your foot that may be pressing you.


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