How To Spot A Goon


You haven’t had a college life if you haven’t been harassed or come across a goon, especially if you are in UoN.

You could’ve been conducting elections for your respective school only to be interrupted by these people, goons. Or you organized an intimate get together at the hostels with your inner circle only for it to be crashed by goons because they spotted alcohol and women.


Have you seen these people before?

1. Tall, dark and (not) handsome. Sources say he is or they usually Luos but not limited to a few Luhya and yes Somalis here and there. So back to the tall, dark not handsome guy, he looks like an overgrown boy. He is far from being attractive, but wonder how he gets girls.

2. Strong deep rooted Luo accent. It’s like he is fighting while talking. True story, you feel like you are in Homabay when in reality you are in UoN.

3. Arrogant walk aka goon walk. Since they buff and built The Rock style. I don’t know if it is the huge body that makes them bounce and walk throwing their hands.

4. Groupie. He is never alone. Being a goon is always having a group of other goons. You could say they are a group of individuals. This is their strength. This way, they can attack when need be.

5. Goon vocabulary. tibim, wise men, big balls kende, pake (package to mean money), have you heard a group of UoN students conversing using such slang, yes they are most definitely goons.

So, do you know any goons or are you a goon yourself???