How to Stream live Sports Matches

Have you always wondered if there’s an alternative to watch live sports matches rather than on your TV?
With the current Android and computer toechnology, you are able to stream your live sports matches from wherever you are. Here’s how to do this.

1. DSTV Live TV

If you have a DSTV decoder, then you can use DSTV Now service that links to your decoder through an android application or on You don’t have to carry your decoder with you everywhere you go to watch live football games. You just need a mobile phone or a laptop/desktop with an active and fast internet connection to avoid buffering. If you are using a mobile phone, download their free app from Google Playstore or Apple store, log in to your account and enjoy streaming on at most two devices on the live TV section.

Dstv live

2. StarTimes Live

TV StarTimes Live TV is another excellent alternative you can use to live stream football matches. You can stream from free channels like ST World Football HD or ST sports Premium. However, to stream Bundesliga, FIFA, Serie A, ICC, and other significant leagues you must have an active subscription. Download the app from their website or Google Playstore and Apple store. Keep in mind the software also needs an active internet connection to stream soccer matches.

startimes live

3. Kwese iflix

Kwese iflix gives you fresh live streams of on-demand football matches on your mobile phone. You don’t have to worry about bundles usage since they have designed their software in such a way that it saves data. Download the application from Playstore and Apple store to enjoy free live premium world-class soccer services every weekend.

how to use Kwese Tv digital platform.

4. Live Football Video

Live Football Video is one of the best free alternatives you can stream live soccer matches online. All you need is a fast internet connection, and a mobile phone or laptop/desktop then visit In the website, you will see a list of matches that are live. Select the match you want to watch and enjoy the service. The website also has some football highlights and news.

5. Skysports is one of the popular sports sites where you can stream any soccer match that is being played live. Their designs make them the best as they have organized everything according to countries and competition for easy navigation through the site. The site specializes in covering football, rugby, boxing, cricket, tennis, and golf live match.


Arguably, is the best site to watch soccer where no subscription is required. It doesn’t need an introduction as it has established its name in the industry. Its website has a beautiful User Interface making it easy to navigate through. All the available games are correctly categorized. Primarily, this service focuses on European games, music, and entertainment. All the games and events to be covered in the live stream are announced a few days in advance.


beIN SPORTS has been in the industry for more than five years. The website has continually upheld its standards to improve user experiences. It supports hot links for all sports events from any part of the world. A simple search from the search bar on the website will give you all the information you need in a single go. The site has a beautiful design and is ever online, so you won’t experience downtimes when streaming football matches.

8. Sport BT

Sport BT is one of the popular football, basketball, rugby, hockey, baseball, and soccer streaming sites. The website is, of course, legal and provides the latest news for football, rugby, MotoGP and many more. However, ads are invasive, and that is the price you pay for free soccer matches. Just like the other websites, it has a simple design for easy navigation.

9. NBC Sports

NBC Sports is one of the best legal streaming sites in the world. It ensures that you have the best possible experience by using their service. No soccer site beats NBC sports since it has minimal ads which are strategically placed. A schedule that shows upcoming events is visible on its homepage where links are updated every second to make sure they are functional. You will need a subscription to use the service.

10. Watch ESPN

What website can I watch free sports? Watch ESPN is the best alternative for you. It is purely free – you won’t pay even a cent to access the service! The service is mostly associated with ESPN Sports channel TV and only covers USA sports. You can download their Android or iOS to stream US football matches from your mobile phone.

11. SonyLIV

SonyLIV is one of the best sites where all the sports are available in one place. While using the service, you will not experience any buffering troubles. Few ads are available where only relevant ones are displayed to you. Download sonyLIV dedicated apps for Android and iOS to enjoy the service for free. If you want to use a PC browser, you might be forced to install a VPN or RDP to change your location to the Asia region since their servers don’t support browsers outside the area.

12. Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports is one of the free and oldest online websites that cover sports events and news live from their servers. Visit to start streaming all the major games free of charge on your PC or mobile phone browser.

yahoo sports digital platform

13. Fox Sports

Fox Sports is one of the reputable sites that give updates of all current scores and events in major soccer matches. Look no further for a reliable streaming site for your favorite matches. Take advantage of the streaming site loved by many by visiting now.

14. Fubo TV app

Fubo TV is a smartphone application that delivers original and legal streaming contents right to your internet-enabled phone. The app offers its users free 14 days trial without restriction after installation. After the 14 days, you have to upgrade to premium to continue accessing the streaming services. The app servers are located in US and Canada. Therefore, you need a VPN to change your location to the region.

15. YouTube TV

YouTube TV is another alternative to streaming live matches from all over the world. Live streams from ESPN, Fox, NBC, CBS, and other local soccer TV stations are offered here. Starting from $40 per month you will access different football dreams from your iPhone, Android phone or PC browser. The service provides a free trial for seven days which has limited features. Tons of websites claim to offer football streaming services. However, most of them are not legal as they are engaged in content piracy which is like committing a crime. The above best football streaming sites are safe and legal to use.

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