Have you ever entertained the idea of starting your own business? In the modern age, African political independence has transformed into socio-economic empowerment where everyone can become an entrepreneur without a hitch.

New Wind

There is a new wind of change blowing across the face of the globe. It is the wind of entrepreneurship. The new trend has led to the ability to exploit opportunities in one’s environment to create wealth and improve people’s lives. Though entrepreneurship commenced from decades, in this 21st century, the latter has intensified and democratization of entrepreneurial landscape. The entrepreneurs have birthed new business day in, day out.

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What defines an entrepreneur…

Entrepreneurship, however, is quite a challenging terrain. An entrepreneur is a risk taker. He or she risks time and resources to attain set goals. There are instances when they are liable to lose but they still pick up their pieces together hoping for a new horizon.

Discovering Entrepreneurialism

What you need to do if you are planning to join the world of entrepreneurship is to generate business ideas. After coming up with an idea, one needs to come up with a business plan, mobilize resources and conduct market research.

Sometimes transforming the business idea to the end of the product may be quite tedious. The process involves acquiring some of the skills that you need to use to run the business. The process may involve hiring manpower and managing talent.

The dependency ratio, especially among the youth, has continued to wreck our economy. Majority of the youth come out of centers of higher learning expecting to get their dream jobs after completing their studies which don’t necessarily happen.

If you happen to have entertained the idea of starting your own business then you know how to go about it…