How To Wear Your Hair When It Rains

(Last Updated On: May 10, 2016)

Every lady has their umbrella up in town or a paper bag on their hair when the rain comes down. Many have their hair relaxed and are afraid of having it rained on because it is prone to cutting. Here is how to have your hair beat the rain.

  1. Braids/ locks

You will never go wrong with braids when it is rainy out.

@_moragwa 😍😍💕 Havana mambo braids

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Even if they get a bit wet you’ll have an easy time drying them out by air drying or holding up a hair drier above them. Braids also do not give your hair the chance for a frizz.

“The Slay in us recognises the slay in You” Formation. Get in line Channelling Bey😍😍😍

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If you have dreadlocks, your hair will not be caught in a frizz but they hold water if you are rained on, a hair drier will be a quick fix though.

  1. The tapered cut

It may be short but its super stylish. Whenever you see the clouds gathering up, you will not get stressed out.

  1. Ghanaian lines

These lines are the best to have during the rainy season, the rain will not shrink your hair like crazy.


  1. Bantu knots

The cold that comes with the rain is your excuse to try out these “naturalista” looks that everybody is trying out if you haven’t.  After removing them, the curls and twists on your hair will be amazing.


Bantu knots 😍😍😍

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  1. Get creative

Unless you want to make countless trips to the salon, you may want to lay off the weaves when it pours, unless you are absolutely sure that not a drop of rain will befall your head. The constant being rained on and drying your hair might just leave your weave with odd smells in the long run. So get creative!


6. Crotchet lines/weaves/braids

This is the best style especially when it is cold. They will keep you warm and stylish.


Most versatile hair ever 👸fluffy kinky👸

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You can even crotchet dreadlocks as shown below.

7. Bun 

If you have long, relaxed hair, or even if your hair is short and natural, this is the time to flaunt less and tie your hair in a bun. They keep more of your hair away from the cold, exposing only the top part which you can smoothen out with oil and a drier if the cold messes it up.

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