How We Will Remember Papa Wemba


Barely half way through the year 2106 has seen the death of a number of artistic legends; David Bowie, Prince and now Papa Wemba. Just yesterday we lost a great voice in the industry. He died on the field, his field, during a performance in Ivory Coast.

Now Papa Wemba’s “Rail on” or “Show me the way” may not be common or even worth listening to the current audience and he might have not trended as much as other dead musicians but his work is of great influence to African music.

With all these legends passing on, aside from tributes on social media, musicians in Kenya and the world at large should make sure that real good music keeps alive. Stories of love and life should continue to live in song. Viva Papa Wemba!

Here are some songs that will always remind us of Papa Wemba: