If you want your Valentines to have a happy ending, these ten plans are a great place to start. If you haven’t yet decided where you will be, here are some events that can take your sweetheart. Yes, they may not be as costly as the 2.4 million Kempinski offer but they are affordable.

1. Eccentric Valentine’s: If you’re into the nightlife, Eccentric Valentine’s is for you. Entrance is free for all you have to have is chums for food and wine.
eccentric valentine

2. Amorous: Hillside Festival: This is a Valentines Outdoor Event.The festival is set in a unique hillside environment with a cheerful ambiance offering fun activities and great food. Its a perfect out of town getaway for fun, make up, reconnecting and Love.

amorous valentine
3. Two Hours of Sunset: Watch movies in a picnic setting. Premiering Kenya’s funniest adult film Fundi-Mentals from the creators of House of Lungula.

two hours of sunset
4. Creatives Garage: Book freaks,, you are not forgotten this Vals, consider TABOO!! Now this something I’d go for…haha… GEEK ALERT!!

5. Love & Music: All those niggas passionate about love, music and culture. Well imagine all those tied up in a bow and presented to you in Love & Music. Isn’t that just awesome in itself?

love and music
6. Afro Cupid: Now kama umesavia hii Valentine’s with your all, this one is for you. If I’d be taken here I’d love you forever and always. Ha! I hope my guy is reading this…anyway, Afro Cupid Is the place to be tomorrow night. Hope unaride coz huko ni Karen, hakuna mat!!
afro cupid
7. From Russia with Love: If you’re a fan of cocktails, be no where else but here. You will actually be shown how to make various cocktails. Who else to drink up your concoctions of drinks than your Valentine.
from russia with love
8.  Shift Eye Gallery: A three day Valentine’s special event for both singles and couples. Included in the ticket is One glass of bubbly (or Whiskey), some amazingly tasty canapes, Magnum cream liqueur and FREE entry to the cocktail party! You will definitely have an unforgettable time.
shift eye gallery
9. Love At the Carnivore: ”Ningekuwa taxi driver ningekupa lift kila mara…” I’m sure you all know that romantic song by Atemi and Chris Adwar. Well, if you’re their #1 fan like I am. You’ll be the first person to arrive at Carnivore for Love At Carnivore.

love at the carnivore
10. Nite of Roses: If you want to take the weekend away  Nakuru is the go-to destination. The beautiful Lake Elementaita, music and romance. Serenade your Valentine with favorite love songs of their own choosing played by the lovely Dela and hosted by one of your favorite radio presenters. Just think about it. If she’s the one then why not?
With that, I guess it’s time to get your groove on for an amazing weekend. Where are you taking your belle on Lover’s Day? Let us know.