Hr: the Better Option


HR: The better option

Many youth may decide to forfeit studying in tertiary institutions for one reason or another. Some of them maybe fell pregnant during that long break from school, others because of financial issues and many by choice: for them it’s a waste of time and money.

Education can never be and will never be the key to success but it’s a tool you’ll need. Everyone is busy trying to get a white collar job with degrees I can barely pronounce right forgetting the Human Resource department will always be in need of people. I mean computers have replaced most staff but this remains essential. Look at it this way: instead of being unemployed, get employed to employ others.

Due to my little to no information, I had a talk with Mrs. Margaret Kinyanjui, the principal to College of Human Resource Management. She breaks down Human Resource as a management, development and administration program that seeks to make an organization or company more effective as an employer.“Basically, the whole spectrum of creating and managing employer-employee relationship.” She adds with a nod.

She explains to me that contrary to what people think HR doesn’t require a bossy character. Personnel Management, as it was known in yesteryears, was better known for hiring and firing.  Those days are long gone now with the advent of Human Resource Management.  Other than acquiring the managerial skills, the person needs to have some soft skills capabilities to be effective in her role. The best personality traits would be; a good listener, excellent skills especially in organization and a people person. Some counseling skill is also essential. Sounds like you or some employed person you know?


In addition, HR has now moved further to be more strategically positioned in organizations with HR Managers now claiming their place in the Boardroom to be wholly involved in strategic issues and direction of the organization in as far as human capital management is concerned.

I inquired further on what CHRM has to offer. “Our flagship programme is of course Human recourse management which we offer through levels of Certificate, Diploma, Higher diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate.  The lower levers are currently are examined by KNEC while the bachelors and masters programs are offer through a collaboration with Open University of Tanzania. We also offer a Premier Diploma in HRM which is a joint program with Cambridge International College-UK.” Other than HR programs, the CHRM also offers business related courses like Business Management, CPS, CPA, PR, Entrepreneurship, foreign languages and TESTs. She concludes with a smile.

Clearly she exhibits an aura of confidence in the CHRM. I decided to probe further. “What’s the average salary for a college graduate?” She explains that it’s not easy to pick on a definite figure as this will depend at what level one has graduated – Diploma, Higher Diploma or degree.  The kind of industry one is employed also matters, but on the lower levels, one can start with Ksh.25 000/= with diploma qualifications and Ksh.45 000/= with a degree and higher diploma qualifications.  “But you can’t really guarantee the college graduate employment upon graduation…?” I ask looking for a hole in her articulate elaboration. “On a scale of 1-10, I can say 8 as a guarantee.”

Mrs. Kinyanjui explains that the college keeps a databank of their current and past students’ CVs because most companies approach the college before formally announcing recruitment in their organizations.  This is also to assist in internship program in the college. The reason for this is because a majority of top HR Managers in this country are graduates of CHRM and will always give the first chance to the students for internship and employment opportunities available in their organizations. Talk of landing a job without tarmacking. I ask her to mentiona few companies and I’m in awe. She mentions the likes of KQ, Aga Khan, Safaricom, EABL, Capital FM, Standard Group, Airtel, Telkom Orange, Mumias Sugar, Kengen, Gulf African Bank, Coca Cola, Gulf Energy, Nairobi Hospital, KCB, Jubilee insurance, top notch Hotels, e.g., The Hitlon, Intercontinental, Fairmont Group, and the list goes on and on.

For those interested, you can find them on social media or website,, or drop down to Ufundi Plaza, at the corner of Moi Avenue and Mokhtar Daddah Street, opposite The Clarion hotel and Jevanjee Gardens. If you do become a HR officer and we meet do employ me. Till then, I’m out!