The paintball fury train made a stopover at Mount Kenya University last weekend, Saturday 3rd, and it was fun as always! 10 teams got to participate this time, bringing their A-game and energy. 8 teams were in participation, but there could only be one winner, and a runners up of course!

Huawei prizes were on the line here.


There was a brief moment before gearing up that the teams sized each other out, just to get a feel of the opponent, or maybe to get in the competition’s mind, who knows.

The action started with team Black Ops versus Ninjaz, where the Ninjaz came out on top amid complaints from Black Ops of foul play, citing Ninjaz breaking the rules. Speaking of rules…


  • Get shot and you are out!
  • No shooting your opponent from less than 6 metres.
  • If you are less than 6 metres you can surrender to your opponent.

Pretty simple,huh?

The games had to go on to the next rounds, pitting teams Sisterly and Pirates, Franjian and Suicide Squad; and Kutiliwa and Kupanga Kazi against each other.

Team Ninjaz makes it to the finals! #HuaweiInMKU #HuaweiPaintballBallFury

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After a very heated game, team Kutiliwa emerged the winners in the final round.

Runners up
The winners receiving their awesome Huawei merch

Got to meet a very interesting student that goes by the name Credoo, from team Franjian. A very industrious student, and an advocate for fairness. All he wanted to do at the game was have a fun and memorable experience.