The weather may have been gloomy, but the players were excited as they eagerly waited for the Huawei Paintball fury to commence. Team sat together at the main campus Moi University Pavillion grounds, strategizing how they were going to win the game.

After the set up of the paintball game, teams received their awesome Huawei t-shirts and they were ready.

The Teams

The teams were to be made up of 5 individuals. They were as follows:

  1. Suicide Squad


2. The Haven


3. Mad max


4. The Mascots


5. 81 Tank Batallion


6. Team Bazenga


7.  Creep Squad


8. The Dementors

The Huawei Y3II – The Louder the Better!


9. Lone Rangers


10. Benghazi


11. The Exterminators


12. The Knockouts


13. Abusement Park


14. The Assassins 


The Paintball Gaming Rules

At around 1 pm the games are set to begin.


The rules of the game are simple,

  • Get shot and you are out!
  • No shooting your opponent from less than 6 metres
  • If you are less than 6 metres you can surrender to your opponent

Once all the team understand the logistics of the game, they are set to begin!!

Paintball Fury begins

The teams have their chance to play two by two. This gives each team a fair play to be able to qualify to the next stage.


Once the games begin, everyone is curios to see how the players will perform. Excitement, fear and anxiety are all the emotions the players feel as they wait to play.

As the games proceed, it is easy to see the quick feet of the men overtakes the ladies with the all male teams proceeding to the next levels.

Huawei Y6II – Perfect Selfie Time!

The rains at some point decide to bless the game and pour down on Moi University bringing the game to a halt.

In about 30 minutes, the rains subside and it is the final round. Due to the antics from specific players, people vote to have specific players from various teams fight it out in the final round.

Final Round 

After the players get geared up, their teams tense as this is the round that sees them get their Huawei prizes!

The game is intense as the players play through some rain and their wet gear.  Each opponent carrying their team members in their mind.

One by one, they are each dropped out. In the end, the victory goes to Team Bengazi!!

Team Benghazi celebrates upon their win
Team Bengazi receiving their amazing Huawei headphones

Second place went to 81 Tank Batallion.


Here is a preview of a video that will be out soon!

So watch out, the next uni enjoying the Huawei Paintall fury could be yours!!!