Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe launched her own lipstick line ‘Huddah’ mid this year which so far comes in five different colors. She took to social media to share some of the different colors while she also tried on some of her liquid lipstick which is sort of becoming a worldwide trend.


According to a Kenyan writer, she accuses the socialite of having copied the idea of the lipstick from Huda Kattan, a social media phenomenon who created the blog Huda Beauty which became the #1 blog in the Middle East and a top 20 beauty blog worldwide.


Huda is a Hollywood trained makeup artist and beauty consultant. She is a major Instagram beauty influence with an Instagram following of 15.5 million when our own Huddah is at 885,000 followers.

Huda Kattan
Huda Kattan

She writes:

the witty sassy lass launched her own lipstick line that is selling like hot-cake. The stock was over within the first two weeks. (I must commend Kenyan ladies for supporting their own). But wait…so what was her propelling force towards that milestone??? SHE KNOWS BETTER. Nonetheless, it just hit my attention that Huddah’s lipstick line MIGHT ….I said MIGHT have been copy-pasted idea that just got a slight editing on the branding and shades names. It hit on me that there is another Huda (notice difference,single “d”) who is more influential than our own East African sweetheart. Apparently,HUDA Kattan is a former MUA blogger who was born and raised in the US but now in Dubai. She is a major Instagram beauty influence with an Instagram following of 15.5 million when our own HUDDAH is at 885,000 followers.(not bad though) Coincidentally, Huda Kattan also has her own lipstick line going by the brand name Huda. Whatever makes me think that Huddah might have allegedly got her motivation to copy paste is the BRAND FONT. Notice how the “H” and “A” have been designed on the brand font of both lines. The only difference is the added “D” and the last “H” from “Huda” to “Huddah”. That’s not all, take your time to notice the right side effect on Huda’s lipsticks and the left side effect on Huddah’s lipsticks. Surprisingly, Huddah had originally branded the lippies in bold black font but later borrowed a leaf from the other Huda. Now,who stole from who? Or was it just some strictly scrutinized and verified marketing strategy??? Who knows?

What do you think? Is there enough basis to accuse the boss chick of copying her style?

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