Socialite turned entrepreneur, Huddah Monroe yesterday seemed to be all up in her feelings for reasons we  do not know! 

Huddah decided to pour out all her feelings in a number of Instagram stories that seemed to be attacking Vera Sidika and other socialites in general we can say.

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She went on to brag about her love for big things like big houses, big Cassavas and big machines stating that she currently drives a Land Cruiser V8 2018 model.



What made us think she was low key throwing shade at Otile’s Bae Vera was the fact that she kept on bragging about how a V8 is more expensive than a Range Rover. We all know Vera has for a long time been a fan of Range Rovers so this was definitely meant for her.

Talking of shading Range Rover’s let’s not forget her own was allegedly reposed by the owner that’s why you no longer see it roaming along the Nairobi streets anymore.