The once famed Tanzanian music icon has been missing for a while and music fans are worried. Husein Machozi was once seen as a growing Bongo superstar when he started singing but has lost it on the way.

He came with hit songs such us “Kafia Ghetto” and “Utanipenda” and also went on to collabo with the biggest Kenyan band; Sauti sol on another hit song “Utapenda.”

Husein Machozi was flying high in the Tanzanian entertainment industry and was already squeezing into the Kenyan music scene. His unique voice and style of singing made him a great artist among his fans. He was lovable because of his soulful lyrics that seemed to touch every single soul that listened to his music.

Then came the downfall. All stopped working for him musically due to the many controversies he had. His most heart wrecking controversy came when he was accused of sleeping with a politician’s wife. This was back when there were rumors that he wanted to become a Kenyan citizen.

In an interview with Bongo5 in Tanzania Husein Machozi says controversy is what led to his downfall in music. His reputation has gone down and now he gets comparison to the once music great Mr. Nice who had the same problem.

Husein also said that he plans on releasing a new track for his fans though he already has another track out by the title Nipe Sikuachi. According to the interview Husein says he currently stays in Italy where he is working on various projects.