HUSTLE HARD! Simple Tips To Starting An Online Business

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Thinking of starting a website for your business or an online business? Well, consider this when planning your enterprise’s site and social media pages.

  1. Privacy

It’s really annoying when you advertise something on Twitter then someone tries to DM you to ask for prices or delivery and your DMs are closed. It’s also annoying when clothes sellers and such have private pages on Instagram so you have to wait for them to confirm your follow request and by the time they do, you’re over their clothes already.

Make sure your site and social media are easily accessible to all because no one is going to struggle to see your stuff that’s hidden when they could just go to another person’s page and see their products easily. After all, you’re advertising your goods and services to the public so your site and pages should be public too, not private!

2. Uniqueness

Do not use the same layout as all the other companies are using. It kind of makes it seem like you’re copying and didn’t put much thought into it so you used a template. If you put effort into your site, it will show and potential clients will greatly appreciate it.

Also do not sell the same old wooden tables that someone could get anywhere or typical blue jeans that can literally be bought on the side of any road. Offer something different, something that cannot be easily gotten anywhere else so customers will keep coming back to you and also suggesting you to friends and family.

3. Nice Appearance and Usability

Make sure your website is easy to utilize. Home, About, FAQ, Payment, Products etc. pages should be easy to find and should contain all the information clients could require. Just put yourself in their shoes, what would you like to see when you press on each link on the website?

If your site is too hard to understand and navigate, would be customers will not waste time trying to figure it out, they’ll just move on to the next.

Also make sure your site is attractive. Use a nice layout, color scheme, images and all that so that your site generally looks really good and people feel great scrolling through it.

4. Customer Service

Being that you’re online, you probably have a comments section where anyone can speak on the quality of your products and services so make sure you don’t give them anything bad to write about. Why would someone go to a site that has generally negative reviews when there are some out there that have gotten nothing but praise?

Always make sure your clients messages and questions are answered rapidly and that any issues they may have are handled quickly and effectively.

5. Be Appropriate

There is a time and place for everything. Your business’ website is not a blog where you should post pictures of yourself lounging on the beach in a bikini. Your social media pages should not solely consist images of you with a glass of alcohol in your hand and booty shorts on, keep it appropriate.

Make sure that your businesses’ pages are filled with content about your business only and possibly minimal posts about personal things. It’s not always advisable to mix business with pleasure and it can make you look like you’re not serious about your enterprise.

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6. Run Ads

This is a great way to make money from your site of course and all the major websites do it. Ads are a great way to help your business grow. You won’t always get people asking you to feature their ad on your page but if anyone does, just try it out.

A lot of famous people are paid to advertise products too so there’s nothing wrong with you getting a well-known person to advertise your products and services. Just contact them, they usually share contact details on their pages.

7. Maintain a Good Reputation

Make sure that your business is known for good things and not poor customer service and low quality products. This will only drive customers away and that’s not something you want. Make sure you’re known for replying to questions in a timely and polite manner, being helpful when assisting clients and keeping your customers satisfied.

8. Keep Your Site & SM Updated

It’s very annoying when you find out about a great website but the last time they posted anything new was in 2015. You go through the posts excited but when you check the date, it says Jun. 12th 2015. Ensure that you always add new products to your site and that you post at least every day or more than once a week if posting every day is not possible. Also make sure that your social media pages are updated daily, this is where most of your clients will find out about you. Your social media pages should coordinate with your website. Any post you make on social media should be shared onto all your social media accounts.

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