Hustle Real Hard!! Top 5 Trending Jobs That Are Earning Students in Kenya Side Money

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Campus is that time in your life you look back and regret all the money you spent buying smokies and ice in high school. Your parents aren’t giving you as much pocket money as they were back in those days.  So you need to find a source of income so you can begin to really feel your independence, especially for the guys. Well, here are a few tips on how people are making some clean, small money while they study.
There are so many pretty ladies and sexy guys out there who have modelling potential. Bank on your beauty and make some money. It doesn’t mean you try being a Vera Sidika. No, a model has her limits. You are there to advertise a clients products, not your goods!
All you guys out there, you have the face..that sexy body..what’s stopping you? You never know you might just be the next Ephy Saint….(Gosh! You just get an orgasm from saying his name. Ha!) Imagine if that heaven sent gift had hidden his gorgeous face he wouldn’t be the star he is today. Take a chance. Nobody in this world is ever ugly. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Many modelling agencies are ready to take you on. From Strut It Afrika, Allure to Versatile modelling agencies, you have a chance somewhere.
This am sure everyone can say they know and probably have even tried. Most students during free weekends can take part in various activation’s to promote various brands. From Safaricom and Cadbury’s to even hosting events.  It may not be something that’ll earn you a monthly salary but at least sh.1000/= per day for a weekend expo plus something on your CV is better than nothing.
 lunch bar promotions
3. IT
IT gurus have made use of their skills and come up with various ways to make money online. Some have applied for jobs as IT specialists for companies while others have come up with interesting apps. The student who came up with M-pesa is now enjoying his millions after he sold it to Safaricom. So  get to thinking and create the next Facebook!
 online jobs
Kenyan Bloggers have increased impressively over the years. If you are born with the writing or photography talent, and have an interest in either fashion, games or whatever, why not have your own blog? You never know you might be a favorite to many. People actually live by blogs and websites, you know. It never hurts to take a leap of faith and believe in yourself. Sharon of Thisisess fashion blog is now the face of Samsung  through her popularity on her blog and is earning her cash!
Thisisess blogger ios face of Samsung Galaxy A Ambassador
Thisisess blogger is face of Samsung Galaxy A Ambassador
I think this is the new JACKPOT! People have seen the amount of money events are bringing in and are doing their thing. Haiya! You didn’t know? Your loss. The youth will forever wanna turnup…be it a 16 yr old, 21 year old or older. Just gather a good amount of capital, good advertising and make tickets. You’ll have made thousands even before the event’s D-day. An example of somebody who did this was Bugika Entertainment, from organizing small bashes in school to now hosting parties in clubs.
Nowadays, you do not need to be a rocket scientist to earn money. Any skill can earn you money be it babysitting, singing or even baking. It all depends on how you make it a business idea. Do you have any other business ideas? Let us know below.
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