The song that caused a stir on social media is finally out. On 28th February 2017 Willy Paul and Alaine released their love song, which features them as lovers. The video has a wedding scene where Alaine and Willy poze express their love for each other in song. Alaine looks lovely in the wedding dress. Willy Paul’s costume doesn’t disappoint either. Alaine however over accessorizes in what looks like the wedding’s reception.

It begins with the two meeting at a store at the Hub, Karen and being love struck. Although the lyrics are nothing special, the choice of location, clothing, cast and the quality are something to commend. The video was directed by Sammy Dee of True Dee Pictures. The two artists have good chemistry; Alaine seems to have a thing for Kenyan men. The wit throughout the video is also quite entertaining.

The song has a bit of Kiswahili and English with lovers’ pet names, “oxygen, sweet pie, apple of my eye”. The audio was produced by Teddy B, it is however not clear if this song would be dubbed gospel or otherwise.

The video seems to be endorsing a few brands like the Hub Karen, Little Cabs and Indomie.

Willy Paul has been one of the most controversial gospel musicians of our time and he was sure to stir something up by posting a photo from the video shoot from one on the wedding scenes fooling fans and making them believe that he indeed got married to Alaine. Some fans seemed disappointed at Alaine’s choice for a collabo.


Here is the video, have a watch and be judge.